F-FILM ApS overtager for Fridthjof Film A/S

Press realease, april 2020


F-FILM ApS takes over from Fridthjof Film A/S

Joint owner of Fridthjof Film A/S and director of Postyr Postproduktion ApS, Toke Rude Trangbæk, undertakes all of Fridthjof Film’s ongoing projects in the new film company F-FILM Aps. 

April 1st Toke Rude Trangbæk took 100% ownership in the subsidiary company Fridthjof Film Production ApS and renamed the company to F-FILM ApS. At the same time Fridthjof Films non-finished projects have been traded on to the new production company. 

“I’m looking forward to the further development of Fridthjof Films already ongoing projects as well as brand new projects in a new F-FILM. We want to make quality films and TV series for a broad Danish audience. We have optimized both production and post-production for a much more agile production process geared to the challenges of the future”, says Toke Rude Trangbæk. 

F-FILM ApS is run by Toke Rude Trangbæk and Creative Director and producer Stephanie Wiese. Stephanie is charged with the task of developing the company’s portfolio in feature films, TV-series and co-productions. 

“I look forward to working together with Stephanie to build upon the legacy we both bring from Fridthjof Film, and to bring our films and series to the Danish cinemas and living rooms. We will do it with our feet grounded in 20 years of production experience – in an efficient, progressive film and post company we can run and shape in our very own way, with room for great creative ambitions”, says Toke Rude Trangbæk. 

Stephanie Wiese elaborates: “We want to make entertaining and moving films for a large audience – and at the same time take some chances and develop new talent. 2020 and 2021 offer many exciting projects, and I look forward to working with the talented directors and screenwriters who are committed to our projects. My goal is for F-FILM to be a creative playground both new talents and experienced forces want to develop in.”


About Toke Rude Trangbæk

Educated at Aarhus University in Media Science 2003. Was from 2005-2008 director of Fridthjof Film before primary focus in 2008 turned to post production and the founding of post production company Postyr Postproduktion ApS – as a subsidiary to Fridthjof Film.
He has been postproducer on features such as “Blå Mænd”, “Julefrokosten”, “Alle for en”, “Alle for to”, “Alle for tre”, “I Krig og Kærlighed”, “Undtagelsen” among others – TV-series like “Sjit Happens”, “Heartless”, “A-Klassen” and others. – and documentaries “Våbensmuglingen”, “Adoptionens pris” and “Armadillo”. 

Contact Information

Toke Rude TrangbæK
Mob: +45 31412141


About Stephanie Wiese

Stephanie is educated from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.
She has worked at Fridthjof Film since 2017 and has produced one of Fridthjof Film’s biggest productions to date; “I Krig og Kærlighed” in cooperation with Ronnie Fridthjof.
Going forward Stephanie’s role in F-FILM ApS will be producer and creative director.
Before her work in the film industry she’s been Business Development Manager in a cyber security company and also holds an education in Administration and Marketing. 

Contact Information

Stephanie Wiese

Mob: +45 31271748


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